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#1 Child Transportation Services in San Francisco and Bay Area
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My Shofer, San Francisco’s new chauffeur-on-demand service, offers a service that before you’d only entrust to a trusted friend or trusted private chauffeur — taking your children to school, lessons, sports events, parties, etc. and picking them up afterwards.

Our gracious and always punctual drivers can liberate your time from these tasks, opening up your schedule for all things you value in life: time with friends and family, hobbies, charity activities, vacation planning vacations, etc. This new San Francisco custom transportation service means that your kids can go to and from everywhere they need to go, in the company of a friendly driver. He or she can be your trusted partner in transporting your kids on time, with graciousness, and comfort. Our licensed and bonded Bay Area transportation company, available 24/7, is easily accessible through our convenient online reservation system. It is what San Francisco parents and guardians have long been waiting for!

So many busy professionals and stay-at-home moms simply feel there aren’t enough hours in the day – to fulfill their professional and home obligations, plus take their kids to where they need to go, without becoming exhausted, irritable, or unfocused. Now, My Shofer, San Francisco’s high-concept new partner for all your transportation needs, gives you the gift of time and convenience. My Shofer can work out special rates for you, if you want ongoing custom service, to deliver and pick up your kids from any location (school, sporting events, and more). Or, you can opt for sporadic pick-ups in times of special need or urgency. Our hand-picked Bay Area drivers can be trusted, 100%, to transport your kids with security and in a comforting manner. All our guides go through special training, to ensure reliability, top driving skills and graciousness. My Shofer is a licensed and bonded company that can contribute to your feeling more empowered as parents, with more time to play with and teach your kids (rather than chauffeuring them around). Parenting can be a whole lot more pleasant with My Shofer!